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New Products From Alliance 4x4, Go Rhino, Design Engineering Inc. and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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Holley Hyperspark Ignition Distributor

Holley announces the release of its Hyperspark distributors. The distributor is manufactured to feature a high-quality billet distributor housing that is designed to resist corrosion and give a stylish look to your engine bay. The integrated Hall Effect crank trigger sensor and CNC-machined shutter wheel are engineered to provide a noise-free rpm signal to the ECU. All of the HyperSpark distributors are also available in a black housing.

PN: 565-309

Go Rhino Bumper Hitch

Go Rhino has released its flip-down bumper hitch step for 2-in. hitch receivers. The HS20 Bumper Step is designed to be a multi-function hitch step that has a vertical impact surface that also flips down as a step when needed. The step area is also self-retracting to convert back to a bump stop when the step is not in use. (Hitch-Pin not included.)

PN: HS2012T


Holley EFI Canister Style Ignition Coil

Holley introduces its Sniper EFI factory replacement canister-style ignition coil. This ignition coil is potted with an epoxy engineered to make it durable during high-vibration environments and can be mounted in any direction.

PN: 556-153

Nos Dry Nitrous Plates

NOS releases its Dry Nitrous plate for Gen-V LT Hi-Ram manifolds. The plate is designed to bolt between the upper and lower intake manifold. The plate is machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, laser etched with NOS logo, then anodized for corrosion protection. The one-piece plate features machined passages constructed for precision spray into the center of each cylinder runner. Includes NOS plate, gasket, jet holders, and jets.

PN: 12538BNOS


Alliance 4x4 Coolant Filtration Kit

Alliance 4x4 announces the release of its universal coolant filtration kit. The CNC-machined billet 6061 aluminum anodized construction filter block is engineered to attache to a supplied bracket that mounts to factory holes. Alliance 4X4 recommends replacement of the first filter at 500 miles and replacement of the second and third filters at 3,000 miles each. After three changes, filter replacements can be replaced once a year. The silicone hose fittings come pre-assembled constructed to ensure pure, leak-proof connections. This universal Coolant Filter Kit includes block, bracket, fittings, tape, 6 ft. of coolant line and hardware. The filter boss includes two threaded inlet ports and one outlet port.

Note: If you need extra length hose or different size fittings, call before ordering.

PN: A4-UCF-01-20

Hot Shot’s Secret Frantz Oil Filter System

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces its Ford 6.0 and 6.4L Powerstroke engine Quick Install Frantz Bypass Oil Filter System. The system is designed to remove up to 96% of all wear particles from engine oil for improved engine protection, engine life and extended oil drain intervals. The purpose of the Frantz Filter System is to deliver an endless supply of clean oil to your engine. The System is engineered to filter oil more than ten times finer than an OEM filter. The custom system includes a Frantz filter, an oil filter cap, an oil-fill cap, a gasket and two quick-release pre-made stainless-steel braided hose lines.

PN: Vary


Design Engineering Inc. Pre-Cut Hood

Design Engineering Inc. announces the release of its Pre-Cut Hood Insulation Kits for musclecars. The Pre-Cut Hood Insulation Kits are constructed to control heat and sound in the engine bay, ad to protect the vehicle’s finish from high temperatures and chemicals. Kits are available for a variety of musclecar applications.


PN: ’64–’65 Chevrolet Chevelle (#050128)
’66 Chevrolet Chevelle (#050127)
’67 Chevrolet Chevelle (#050126)
’68–’69 Chevrolet Chevelle (#050125)
’70–’72 Chevrolet Chevelle (with non-functional cowl) (#050124)
’67–’69 Chevrolet Camaro (Z/28, SS, base) (#050099)
’69–’70 Ford Mustang (base, Mach 1, Grande, GT-350, GT) (#050098)
’66–’67 Chevrolet Nova (#050093)
’69–’74 Chevrolet Nova (#050096)
’71–’74 Pontiac Ventura (base, GTO) (#050096)
’73–’74 Oldsmobile Omega (#050096)
’73–’74 Buick Apollo (#050096)
’65–’67 Pontiac LeMans/GTO (#050094)
’68–’70 Pontiac LeMans/GTO (#050095)