SEMA Show STAGE Video Featuring WTC Leaders Tyson Boyer and Todd Steen; Must See for Those in the Wheel Industry

By Ashley Reyes

New video featuring SEMA Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) Leaders Tyson Boyer of Dill Air Controls and Todd Steen from Jackson Marketing Group at the 2019 SEMA Show STAGE is now available. Hosted by Myles Kovacs, the interview features Boyer and Steen as they share insight on the council’s latest initiatives, what is being done to advance the wheel and tire segment, and opportunities available to all WTC members.

“We offer a networking opportunity so that you can build a community and connect with a tribe of the wheel and tire industry, [so you can know how to] pass a business card, have a contact, and actually lean on each other,” said Steen. “The other opportunity is that we decided collectively as a group this year to actually stand on the foundation of education.”

Whether it’s educating people in the manufacturing business, retail space or educating consumers, providing essential information to help companies address industry-related issues is a top WTC priority. Learn what message Boyer and Steen have for dealers on fleet ownership, handling radars and sensors when conducting alignments, and the importance of reviewing partnerships.

In addition to offering educational solutions, Steen offered his advice for the younger generation wanting to get involved in the industry. 

“I would tell somebody that’s new to the industry, don’t wait to volunteer and be involved. You’re going to grow professionally, you can grow probably financially, but you’re going to grow to a level of industry knowledge where you’re being called upon.”

When talking about his first experience being involved in the SEMA Show, Boyer added, “There are so many different events, networking opportunities [and] engagements. Plan to come to SEMA, but at the same time, it is a kid-in-a-candy-store concept.”

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