SEMA Show STAGE: 2012 SEMA Person of the Year Marla Moore Shares Personal Stories

By Ashley Reyes

A new video featuring Marla Moore of Legendary Companies from the 2019 SEMA Show STAGE, hosted by Myles Kovacs, is now available. Coined as one of the industry’s most active volunteers and leaders, Moore shares personal stories about how she entered the automotive industry and her reaction to being inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame.

Throughout her career, Moore has been at the forefront of launching marketing projects for aftermarket companies and brands, including AutoZone, COMP Cams, Hypertech and more. Find out how she excelled within each company and what advice she has about attitude when looking to succeed in the industry.

“I think the attitude is wanting to find something that you are passionate about and wanting to be the best there is,” said Moore. “[…] When you’re coming up, have that attitude. ‘I don’t want to just be the best—I want to be legendary. I want people to know me, know who I am and know what I do when I walk down the hall.’”

In addition to her many successes as a marketing director, Moore contributes to various SEMA councils and committees as a volunteer and has spearheaded numerous projects, including the SEMA Businesswoman’s Network (SBN) Mustang Build in 2012. In her interview, Moore talks about the team behind the project that showcased the talent of women in the industry and received national and local news coverage along with a feature in Times Square.

“(When) you’re surrounded by people who are passionate about what they’re doing, who are knowledgeable, it just rubs off on you. It’s infectious,” said Moore.

Moore also speaks about her experience attending Jim Russell’s Racer Driving School and driving Formula Mazdas at Laguna Seca, running into Daryl Hall and John Oates and what it was like stepping on stage the night she was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame.

“The feeling I had when I got up where was ‘I am so in love with this industry’, so that’s what I talked about.”

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