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SEMA Research: Many Consumers Using This Time to Work on Their Cars

By Gavin Knapp

Last week, SEMA and Directions Research conducted a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 consumers to check in on how people are using their cars. While many people say they are driving less these days, more than a third (35%) say they are using this time to do some work on their car or truck.

When it comes to driving, most consumers, especially men, are still getting on the road regularly. During the last two weeks, nearly 60% of men and 46% of women have driven their car every day or every few days.

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Consumers are also continuing to maintain, repair and upgrade their cars and trucks. This is especially true for auto enthusiasts. Over the last two weeks, 32% of enthusiasts have gone to an auto-parts store or searched for parts online. Nearly one-fourth of enthusiasts (22%) said they bought parts, accessories or made modifications to their vehicles.

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Overall, most consumers (57%) believe that the changes they have made in their lives because of the virus will return to normal within the next three months. Despite some uncertainty right now, consumers remain optimistic and are looking forward to getting in their cars and out on the road again.

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