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SEMA Show Space Selection Begins May 4: Latest Information Here

By SEMA Editors

The Priority Space Allocation for the November SEMA Show will take place May 4–20. During this allocation process, the 2,000-plus companies that have already registered for this year’s event will use their SEMA Show seniority to systematically choose their display location, which will be the center of their planning process for the November event.

While all current exhibitor milestone dates for applications and deposits remain intact, SEMA Show Management announced last month that they have implemented new policy changes to lower the level of uncertainty, ease concerns and allow exhibitors to invest in the Show with confidence. The changes specify that qualified companies are now able to pick their space in May, but have the option to cancel their space at any time prior to September 1, 2020, for a full refund of exhibit-space payments. Should you have any concerns regarding participating in the 2020 SEMA Show, we encourage you to contact your Industry Account Director or the SEMA Show team at 909-396-0289, or email

Companies that are unable to participate in the May space allocation are welcome to join the Show at a future date. The same refund policy of September 1 will also apply.

The Priority Space Allocation has always been a virtual and transparent process, and this year is no different. Starting with the highest levels of seniority and moving year by year through every application, each section of the Show gets systematically filled. A team of industry account directors is tasked to personally contact each exhibiting company and review their best exhibit location options based on their needs and display goals. You can follow the process live as it unfolds and see exactly how the SEMA Show is formed from the ground up.

SEMA's Tom Gattuso explains how the SEMA Show floor comes together during the Priority Space Selection process.

The 2020 SEMA Show is scheduled for Tuesday–Friday, November 3–6, in Las Vegas. To participate in the Priority Space Selection Process, reserve a booth space by visiting