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Survey: Manufacturers and Retailers Optimistic About Short-Term Disruption

By Gavin Knapp

Between April 1–7, 2020, SEMA conducted a survey of more than 2,000 people employed in the specialty-equipment industry. While this is a difficult time for all aspects of our industry, manufacturers and retailers in the specialty-equipment market continue to persevere and do business.

Manufacturers and retailers are maintaining a positive outlook on the situation, with the vast majority believing that their businesses will get through this short-term impact.

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Most manufacturing facilities and retail stores remain open across the country. Nearly three-quarters of manufacturers and retailers have not closed any of their sites during this time.

Market Research

Despite being open, overall manufacturer and retail sales have been affected. The initial shock has been harder for retailers, as consumers have remained at home because of lockdown procedures. This may only be felt short-term and should improve as consumers become more confident and the country begins to open up.

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