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Automakers and Suppliers Identifying Ways to Reopen With Testing, Masks and Gloves

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

Auto manufacturers and suppliers are devising plans that would allow factories and assembly lines to reopen and operate safely as it relates to COVID-19. Although decisions will be made on a company-by-company basis, there appears to be some consensus on what elements of a reopened workplace may include. For example, workers’ temperatures may be taken, workspaces may be expanded to accommodate social distancing and employees may wear masks and gloves.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation and Original Equipment Suppliers Association has published guidelines and best practices for creating a safe working environment:

Lear Corp. has published a 51-page “Safe Work Playbook,” which it is sharing with the public. The detailed document addresses everything from advanced social-distancing practices to on-site health screening, employee training, sanitizing the workplace and providing personal protective gear like masks, face shields and gloves.

SEMA has compiled additional information about COVID-19 on its website

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