MotorTrend’s Sean P. Holman Provides Industry Insight Direct From the STAGE

By Ashley Reyes

Exclusive interview footage from the most recent SEMA Show STAGE featuring Sean P. Holman, co-creator of the TruckShow Podcast, MotorTrend Group, is now available. Hosted by entrepreneur and founder of DUB Magazine Myles Kovacs, the STAGE series brings viewers into the hearts and minds of notable industry personalities as they participate in thought-provoking discussions that educate, engage, and inspire.

Get to know what drives Holman’s passion as he provides his unique and entertaining perspective on trends in the exploding overland market, the importance of mentorship, breaking the news on Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor release, the importance of automotive education, and more.

“[We’re] re-educating society and our kids and telling them, ‘Listen, you don’t have to go to a four-year college—you can do something with your hands, you can make something,’” said Holman. “There’s so much need out there for fabricators and welders, and look at all the things that are at the [SEMA] Show … they’ve all been touched by human hands, people who have been trained in a trade.”

Other topics include Holman’s insight on today’s media landscape, focusing on how aftermarket companies can best use different platforms to their advantage and providing advice for those interested in launching their own podcast.

“I think that today’s media landscape is so fragmented with where to go, there’s a lot of choices but I think if you have a smart marketing manager who can see the big picture, there are ways to integrate everything and still get to where your customers are.”

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