USTR Grants 68 Exclusions from China’s List 3 Tariffs, Including for Oil Pumps, Alternators and Car Alarms

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) granted exclusion requests for 68 product lines from the “List 3” tariffs on products imported from China and subject to 25% tariffs. The products cover a wide variety of commodities including several auto parts, such as:

  • Lubricating pumps for internal combustion piston engines (described in statistical reporting number 8413.30.9060).
  • Hand- or foot-operated air pumps, each weighing 400 g or more but not over 3 kg, with a maximum pressure of 1.52 MPa, imported with adapters for valves for tires and inner tubes (described in statistical reporting number 8414.20.0000).
  • Ventilation fans for motor vehicles, consisting of a 12 V DC reversible multispeed electric motor drawing 5 A, with axial fan blade, electrically operating baffle, electric keypad and circuit board and wire mesh screen, measuring no more than 36 cm by 36 cm (described in statistical reporting number 8414.59.6540).
  • Wireless battery chargers for mobile phones, each in the form of a picture frame incorporating a wireless charger or a stand incorporating a wireless charger that permits the mobile phone to be charged while standing on end (described in statistical reporting number 8504.40.8500).
  • Alternators for motor-vehicle charging systems (described in statistical reporting number 8511.50.0000).
  • Alarms to be installed in motor vehicles, each of which provides either a warning sound or a warning sound and a flashing light when a motor vehicle is being operated in reverse (described in statistical reporting number 8512.30.0040).

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