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Manufacturers Invited to Support Growing Youth Build Program

By Katie Hurst

SEMA Education is seeking manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories to support the SEMA High School Vehicle Build Program—a successful youth outreach initiative that has grown from one to 10 schools in less than three years.

The program aims to bridge the gap between industry and auto-shop students to foster the next generation of hobbyists and the automotive aftermarket workforce. SEMA makes vehicles available to high school students, who then customize the vehicles using aftermarket parts from manufacturers and retailers who sponsor the initiative through product donations. The modified vehicles are subsequently sold with the funds coming back to SEMA to be reinvested back into the program for its continuation and expansion.

The SEMA High School Vehicle Build Program aims to engage students in the automotive customization hobby and introduce them to a career path within the automotive aftermarket industry. This program uniquely connects high school automotive shop classes with specialty-equipment manufacturers' products to build one-of-a-kind customized vehicles.

Atturo Tires is among the companies that sponsored the program in the past.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with someone who just needs a little direction and support, and that can go a long way for them. It’s a great opportunity for us as a young company to connect with the younger builders as well,” said Joe Gomez, Atturo Tires marketing manager.

This year, the program will consist of 10 vehicles, including third-generation Toyota 4Runners and Jeep Wrangler TJs. Sponsors are needed to support the program by donating the desired products listed below:

  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Wheel spacers (if necessary)
  • Suspension kit
  • Locking differentials
  • Leveling kit
  • Carpet replacement kit
  • Leather interior
  • Floor liners
  • Grab handles
  • Entry guard
  • Radio/Audio
  • Front/Back bumpers
  • Grille/Grille insert
  • Hood mount Jack
  • Exhaust system
  • Rock Guard
  • Hood latches
  • Soft-top replacement
  • Jack
  • Roof Rack
  • Gas can/Jerry Can
  • Winch, Rope & Hook
  • Front light bar
  • LED lighting-headlights/taillights 

Additional products not listed above will be reviewed and accepted on an individual basis. Please note that some products may not be suitable for this program based on facility and time constraints or build program alignment.

Companies are invited to participate by filling out the product donation form. Those interested in mentoring a school should contact SEMA Youth Engagement Programs Manager Katie Hurst at