Nitro-Fueled Dragsters Ready to Sound Off at 2019 SEMA Ignited

By SEMA Editors

Joe SchubeckJoe Schubeck, pictured above, and three other Vintage Top Fuel Dragsters owners will fill the air with a pleasant aroma from their Nitro-fueled engines as well as tall flames from the exhaust stacks at SEMA Ignited after party.

The official SEMA Show after party, SEMA Ignited, will include four beautifully restored dragsters from the ’60s that will fire their engines at dusk in a static display to produce distinctive, thunderous sounds only heard from Nitro-fueled engines.

SEMA Hall of Fame member and professional drag race driver Joe Schubeck will display and start his original Top Fuel Dragster that he drove in competition more than 55 years ago. He will be accompanied by three other Top Fuel Dragsters, all champions of their day, including Hall of Famer Harry Hibler, who will fire up the Tony Nancy Top Fuel Dragster restored and owned by John and Sally Neas from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Also joining Schubeck and Hibler is the Astro Top Fuel Dragster, owned and restored by Bill Pitts from Los Angeles, and the Green Dragon Top Fuel Dragster, owned and restored by Butch Bowers from Renton, Washington.

All credentialed Showgoers are invited to come see the flames dance from the exhaust stacks and hear that special sound that embodies pure power, even at idle, and catch the aroma that some people like to call their “nitro fix.”

When the cars shut off, the first 100 spectators to approach the race table and present their business card will receive a free hand-out containing photographs of the same four cars, along with a DVD with the sights and sounds of the 2018 Nitro dragster presentation.