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2019 SEMA Market Report: Pickup Upgrades Remain Largest Industry Sector

By Kyle Cheng

Market Report
Pickup upgrades account for 27% of total retail dollars.

Pickup upgrades are the largest sector of the specialty-equipment industry, accounting for 27% of total retail dollars, followed by mid-range cars and SUVs (including the Jeep Wrangler). This aligns with the composition of vehicles on the road. However, the industry is large, offers a wide array of different products, and customer interests vary. As such, sales for all vehicle types contribute to the overall market.

The specialty-equipment industry continues to grow at a fast pace. Last year, American consumers spent $44.6 billion on specialty aftermarket parts. SEMA projects that the market will continue to grow through the end of 2019 and bring retail sales close to a new high of nearly $46 billion.

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