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New Products: Front-Drive Distributors, Throttle Boosters, Receiver Hitch Mounts and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI System

Edelbrock announces the release of its Pro-Flo 4 EFI system for Chevrolet LS Gen-III and Gen-IV engines. Available for LS applications, the system is designed to allow for control over ignition and fuel while its self-calibrating technology continually improves performance as you drive. The Pro-Flo 4 systems are engineered to provide improved performance, are self-learning and require no laptop for tuning.

PN: 35710


MSD Front Drive Distributor

Holley has released its MSD Pro-Billet front-drive distributors. Developed for both big-block and small-block Chevys, the distributors feature an adjustable Hall Effect sync pickup with a built-in LED, an extra-wide 9-mm belt driven by a pulley on the camshaft, and a band-clamp mount for rotor-phasing. They come complete with a billet-aluminum bracket and lower housing, a billet distributor head and a new gear for the camshaft.

PN: 85201


Amp’d Throttle Booster for 2019 Ram 6.7L Cummins Truck

Edge Products introduces its Amp’d Throttle Booster for the ’19 Ram with the 6.7L diesel motor. The throttle booster is designed to be easy to install, deliver immediate improvement with pedal response and enhance your driving experience. The throttle booster can pair with numerous aftermarket accessories sold across the Powerteq brands.

PN: 38852


NOS Super Hi-Flo Bottle Valve Assemblies

NOS announces the release of its Super Hi-Flo Bottle Valve Assemblies. The bottles are available in blue or black 1.5-in. nitrous-pressure gauge and are designed to support up to 500 hp, they come with both the billet-aluminum screw-on siphon tube and gauge already installed. They feature 1/8-NPT gauge ports, 1/4-NPT accessory ports, extra-large internal and outlet ports for maximum flow, and an O-ring seal.

PN: 16341ABNOS


Curt Rebellion XD

Curt announces the release of the The Rebellion XD. The adjustable cushion hitch ball mount is a receiver hitch mount designed to reduce jerking, jarring, rattling, vibration and strain at the coupling point. The mount is engineered to provide a noticeable difference in your towing experience. The Rebellion XD is designed to remove the hassle of an airbag, bearings and the frequent maintenance required by other cushion hitch options.

PN: 45949