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New Products: Intake Manifolds, Rocker Arms, Adapter Flexplates and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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MSD Atomic AirForce Intake Manifolds

Holley announces the release of its MSD Atomic Billet Fuel Rails. You can now choose between new solid black or gray logos in addition to the traditional red. They feature unique bell-mouthed runner entrances designed to maximize airflow and minimize shrouding, optimizing the available plenum volume for an unobstructed flow path over opposing runners. Atomic AirForce intakes include a 103mm throttle bore and come complete with gaskets.

PN: 27004


COMP Cams Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Kit

COMP Cams announces the release of its Rocker Arm Trunnion kit. The kit is designed to increase reliability and stiffness with billet steel rocker trunnion sand premium roller bearings. These kits include heavy-duty billet steel rocker arm trunnions, high needle count roller bearings, retaining rings and a magnetic installation tool. The kit is engineered to improve the reliability of your LS7 & Gen V LT rocker arms.

PN: 13704TL-KIT

COMP Cams Rocker Arm 

TCI Ford to GM Adapter Flexplates

TCI announces the release of its Ford to GM Adapter Flex plates. The plates are for externally balanced Small Block Fords—a 28oz. and 50oz. version. These flexplates are designed to allow the use of a GM transmission and torque converter when using adapter kits or adapter transmissions. The plates are engineered to have the correct pilot alignment as well as a dual bolt pattern to fit on both 10.75-in. or 11.5-in. patterns.

PN: 529632E


AEM Water/Methanol Injection Solenoid

AEM announces the release of a stainless-steel Water/Methanol Injection Solenoid. The solenoid is engineered to eliminate water/methanol flow into the inlet when the WMI system is not engaged. The solenoid features high flow capability (3,600 cc/min) and a low current draw of only 0.75A that does not require the use of an additional relay. The seals are designed to stand up to corrosion for years of reliable use.

PN: 30-3326


TorqStorm Small Block MOPAR and LA 318-360 Supercharger

TorqStorm announces the release of Small Block MOPAR and LA 318-360 Supercharger. The kit includes air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering pump, pulleys for both crankshaft and water pump in addition to the regular supercharger components. Blow-through carburetor not included. According to TorqStorm, adding their supercharger and blow-through carburetor to a stock engine increases power output by an average of 40%.

PN ARP-K-DG-LA800-872-7223


Edelbrock LS Series Coil Covers Satin Finish

Edelbrock announces the release of LS Series Coil Covers. The coil covers are designed to eliminate the stock mounting brackets on transplanted LS1 engines by way of fitting coils directly to the underside of the Edelbrock cover. They are intended to create a clean under hood custom appearance and will not fit stock vehicle.

PN 4118805-388-1188