SEMA Industry Cup Challenge: The Race Everyone Wins

By SEMA Cares Committee

In his Ballad about Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby inherits his Dad’s mantra, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” And he’s right. You have to take the podium if you want the champagne bath and the billboard-sized check. On July 26, a race like no other is happening at an exclusive track hidden inside the Anaheim Marriott. For everyone who has dreamt of taking home the hardware, let this be your night.

Make no mistake. This is a challenge. This is the annual SEMA Pinewood Drag Races. On an evening filled with celebration—the SEMA Installation & Gala—the SEMA Cares committee will engrave one company’s name on a special Stanley-Cup-inspired trophy. Will it be yours?

You may be scared. Maybe you’re not really a racer or mechanic. Good news. Children around the country have been constructing pinewood cars just for this race, now all they need is a sponsor. Who are these young DIY-ers? These pint-sized builders are affiliated with charities supported by SEMA Cares including the Austin Hatcher Foundation for pediatric cancer, Childhelp for child abuse prevention and treatment and Victory Junction for children with serious medical conditions and illnesses.

Even if you get your doors blown-off by a competitor, this race has one of the best consolation prizes ever—your sponsorship money will become a donation to SEMA Cares. For the children who labored over these race cars, your contribution is a signal to our Industry. To children dealing with life’s harshest challenges—SEMA Cares.

The racing commences at the SEMA Installation & Gala at the Anaheim Marriott, Friday July 26. You can’t be first or last, if you don’t sign-up. And honestly, those are the real losers. The ones who aren’t even in the race. To learn more, visit