Free Seminar: Learn the Newest Trends in 3-D Printing and Product Development

By Della Domingo

3D Printing
Using the SEMA Garage’s new Fortus 450mc 3-D printer, members are able to print functional prototypes in up to nine different materials as large as 16x14x16 in.

Auto parts manufacturers are invited to learn about new trends and materials in 3-D printing during a free seminar hosted by Stratasys at the SEMA Garage, Tuesday, July 30.

Participants will discover how developing prototypes and parts through the efficiency of additive manufacturing saves time and money. During the half-day seminar, engineers will demonstrate the benefits of 3-D printing and explain how the technology is superior to fabricating/machining prototypes by hand.

There is no cost to attend the seminar, and lunch is included. Participants will also be able to tour the SEMA Garage and learn about the complete lineup of services available for product development, including dyno and emissions testing services, 3-D scanning and more.

Register now for the Statasys seminar on “Additive Manufacturing in Automotive.”