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Pickup Upgrades Remain the Largest Specialty-Equipment Industry Sector

By Kyle Cheng

Market Research
American consumers spent more than ever modifying their vehicles, pushing retail spending on specialty-equipment parts to $44.6 billion.

The new 2019 SEMA Market Report is now available for free from SEMA Market Research. SEMA estimates that pickups make up the largest share of specialty-equipment spending, accounting for approximately 27% of the market. Consumers spent more than $12 billion on aftermarket upgrades and accessories for their pickups last year. Likewise, approximately 67% of manufacturers report sales growth within this category. Nearly 60% of the dollars spent on aftermarket pickup parts were done at brick-and-mortar locations. Key product categories for pickups include exterior utility accessories, wheels and tires, and suspension upgrades.

To learn more about the pickup category and get a detailed look at the rest of the $44.6 billion specialty-equipment industry, download the 2019 SEMA Market Report for free at