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Measure Two Popular International Vehicles at the SEMA Garage

By Linda Spencer

Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol Y61 4x4
Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger double-cab 4x4

For the past nine years since its inception, the SEMA International Vehicle Measuring Program’s (IVMP) goal has been to make it easier for members to access popular international vehicles not sold in the United States. SEMA members are now invited to measure two vehicles—a Nissan Patrol Y61 and ’16 Australian-spec Ford Ranger 4x4 double-cab. With the Ford Ranger’s entrance into the U.S. market this year, members have an opportunity to view the multiple differences between the Rest of the World (RoW) Ranger and the model sold in the United States. 

Schedule a time to measure one or both vehicles at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California. The trucks can also be transported to your facility, if needed. These are the sixth and seventh vehicles made available through this program, which SEMA launched in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce. There is no charge for members to measure the vehicles.

Nissan Patrol Y61 4x4

Now in its fifth generation, this left-hand-drive truck was built in Japan for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market. It is spec’d with a five-speed manual transmission and a 4.8L petrol six-cylinder engine. This vehicle is currently sold in the Middle East, South Africa, certain Central American countries and the Philippines, among others. There is also a large pool of Y61s in Australia and New Zealand, though sales in these markets stopped in 2016.

Ford Ranger Double-Cab 4x4

SEMA has on hand an Australian-spec, 3.2L diesel-powered, right-hand-drive ’16 Ford Ranger. The global accessory-friendly RoW Ranger has been enjoying strong sales abroad, achieving top ranking in diverse markets, such as Europe (where the Ranger is the best-selling pickup) as well as a market leader in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand. This vehicle has also resonated with buyers in Latin America and Saudi Arabia. Under U.S. government temporary import terms, the Ranger will only be available through the end of the summer.  

To reserve a truck, contact Stephanie Martinez. For more information about SEMA’s international programs or to suggest a new overseas venue or international vehicle to include in the lending program, contact Linda Spencer.