New Products and Technology

New Products From Members of the SEMA Data Co-op

By Douglas McColloch

The SEMA Data Co-op is “data central” for hundreds of specialty parts brands, representing millions of part numbers, and tens of millions of vehicle applications. Created by SEMA, the SDC is the definitive, industry-owned and -operated centralized data repository, complete with a comprehensive set of online data management tools.

The product releases below are from SEMA members who are also part of the SDC at the the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level. Learn more about the SDC at

Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System for Wrangler TJ

Holley has announced the release of Flowmaster's new " FlowFX" Cat-Back Exhaust System designed for the ’00–’06 "straight-through" Jeep Wrangler TJ equipped with the 4.0L engine. The all stainless-steel exhaust system utilizes a 2.50-in. FlowFX performance muffler, which mounts high in the framerail, just behind the factory catalytic converter and which bolts to the factory flange. The 2.50-in. mandrel-bent tailpipe is tucked up high in the undercarriage, protecting it from damage when traversing rocky terrain. The system is finished off with a large 3.50-inch black ceramic-coated stainless tip embossed with the Flowmaster logo. The system uses the factory hanger locations and comes with installation instructions and all necessary hardware.

PN 717865

Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust

Edge Products Insight CS2/CTS2 Gauge Monitors for ’19 Ford/Chevy/GMC Engines

Edge Products has expanded the application range of its Insight CS2 and CTS2 Gauge Monitors to cover a variety of ’19-model-year Ford and Chevy/GMC gas truck engines. The gauge monitors now support Ford 2.7L, 3.3L. 3.5L and 5.0L engines, as well as the Chevy/GMC 6.2L V8. The Insight is packed full of options that allow the user to monitor, log and test their new trucks when towing, racing, or simply driving around town. Among the performance parameters the gauges can be set up to monitor (depending on engine) include cylinder head temp, intake air temp, engine coolant temp, lateral G-force, uphill/downhill grade percentage, fuel remaining, spark advance, horsepower, torque and many others.

PN: 84030 (CS2), 84130 (CTS2)

Edge Products Insight

Smittybilt Trailer Hitch for Wrangler JL Four-Door

Smittybilt has announced the release of a new trailer hitch designed for the ’18-and-later Jeep Wrangler JL four-door. The application-specific, 2-in.-receiver hitch is Class III-rated (3,500 lbs. max trailer weight, 350 lbs. tongue weight) and utilizes Grade 8 hardware. The hitch incorporates a bracket to accommodate a four-pin connector, is finished in a rust-resistant black gloss powdercoating and is said to be easy to install.


Smittybilt Trailer Hitch for Wrangler JL 4-Door


Pro Comp Auxiliary Underside Light Kit

Pro Comp has announced the release of its new RGB Rock/Auxiliary LED Light Kit. Designed with the off-roader in mind, the kit lights up the underside and wheelwells of the vehicle to help navigate uneven terrain in the dark. The app-controlled settings allow the user to choose from 1.2 million color options, as well as the ability to control the timing and speed of lights. Each rock light has three RGB LEDs with an estimated average lifespan of 50,000 hours, and the complete set of six pods have long leads that connect to a fused control box for easy installation. The kit is said to be submersible in up to 10 ft. of water, and is designed to operate within temperature ranges of -40 to 145° F.

PN 76501RGB

Pro Comp Auxiliary Underside Light Kit

Superchips Flashpaq for Wrangler JL

Superchips has expanded its Flashpaq performance tuning/monitoring line to include the ’18-and-later Jeep Wrangler JL with the 3.6L engine. The Flashpaw, which requires a performance control module (PCM) swap, boasts potential performance gains of up to 29 hp and 37 lb.-ft. of torque, and can recalibrate speedo functions following a tire and wheel swap (up to 44-in. tires), an axle gear swap (up to 5.38:1) or a transfer-case swap (up to 5.00:1 low). Other functions can include auto stop-start, TPMS on/off, swaybar disconnect and more.

PN 3876-JL

Superchips Flashpaq for Wrangler JL