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New Products From Members of the SEMA Data Co-op

By Douglas McColloch

The SEMA Data Co-op is “data central” for hundreds of specialty parts brands, representing millions of part numbers, and tens of millions of vehicle applications. Created by SEMA, the SDC is the definitive, industry-owned and -operated centralized data repository, complete with a comprehensive set of online data management tools.

The product releases below are from SEMA members who are also part of the SDC at the the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level. Learn more about the SDC at

Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System for ’17–’19 Titan

Holley has announced the release of Flowmaster's new “FlowFX” Cat-Back Exhaust System for the ’17–’19 Nissan Titan 5.6L V8 (XD models excluded). The system bolts up to the factory cat pipes with dual 2.5-in. mandrel-bent tubing that mate to a scavenger Y-pipe for maximum flow. The Y-pipe incorporates two D-shaped ports positioned back-to-back for a larger surface area; this setup is said to provide more optimal scavenging of exhaust gases than two round pipes joined together. A 3-in. stainless-steel tube delivers exhaust to a straight-through FlowFX muffler, which connects to a mandrel-bent tailpipe that exits behind the passenger-side rear tire through a 4.5-in. black-ceramic-coated exhaust tip.

PN 171910

Cat-Back Exhaust

Radium Engineering Fuel Rails for Mazda Rotary Engines
Radium Engineering has released a new assortment of fuelrails for Mazda 13B and 20B rotary engines that are designed to work in tandem with Radium’s recently released In-tank Fuel Hanger Surge Tank for the FD3S Mazda RX-7. Six new fuelrail kits have been released to cover all the popular rotary engine variations. Each rail kit is sold individually so primary and secondary fuelrails can be purchased separately based on the user’s specific needs.

PN varies by rail and engine type

Radium Engineering Fuel Rails for Mazda Rotary Engines

Heatshield Products New FR Shields

Heatshield Products announces the release of its new FR Shields for fuel-injected engines. The shields install over the fuelrails to limit heat transfer from the engine to both the injectors and the fuel that flows through the rails, and this can help reduce engine problems such as vapor lock and pre-ignition. In addition, keeping fuel as cool as possible increases density, which helps engine performance and efficiency. The FR Shields™ are said to be engineered to withstand 1,100℉ continuous radiant heat and 500℉ direct heat. The FR Shields are available in kits to fit single- or dual-rail systems, and they can be custom ordered to fit special applications. The shields are said to be easy to install and do not require removing the fuelrails from the engine.

PN 700270 (single roll), 700271 (double roll)

Heatshield Products New FR Shields


Flex-a-lite Direct-Fit Radiator/Fan System for 6.0L Powerstroke

Flex-a-lite has released a new Direct-Fit Extruded Tube Core Radiator and Electric Fan System for ’03–’07 Ford F-250/F-350 trucks equipped with the 6.0L Powerstroke turbodiesel engine. The radiator, which can be ordered separately from the fan, utilizes an extruded-tube core design that provides a flat, optimum surface on which to braze the cooling fins. This maximizes the contact between the tubes and fins for increased heat rejection. Additionally, the cooling fins have louvers punched into them to direct airflow. This increase of contact and heat transfer—from coolant to tube, tube to fin, and fin to air— is said to give the radiator significantly better cooling capability than what is typically afforded by old-style tube cores. The dual electric fan system replaces the factory belt-driven clutch fan and fan shroud, which is said to deliver more engine power to the wheels and improving fuel economy. The fan moves 6,000 cfm of airflow, and it includes a variable-speed, adjustable thermostatic controller. The system is covered by a Flex-a-lite two-year transferable warranty.

PN 315360, 315300 (radiator only)


Mishimoto Direct-Fit Catch Can for Honda Accord

Mishimoto Automotive has released its new direct-fit Catch Can Kit for the ’18-and-later Honda Accord equipped with the 1.5T engine. The billet 6061 can, which is sealed with Viton O-rings, utilizes a 50-micron bronze filter to separate oil from air. The kit's application-specific bracket, available in either black or red, mounts the can in a serviceable position in line with the PCV. An integrated check valve helps prevent leak by keeping boost pressure from reaching the can and crankcase, and the can has a 3-fl.-oz. capacity for longer service intervals. The can is said to install within 30 min., all hoses and mounting hardware are included, and the filter and can are fully serviceable.

877-GO-MISHI (460-4744)

Mishimoto Direct-Fit Catch Can for Honda Accord