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Find an Industry Mentor Through SEMA Senior Class Program

By Katie Hurst

Senior Class

SEMA has recently launched a new program entitled “SEMA Senior Class, A Mentoring Program.” Through this free program, all SEMA members are encouraged to search and connect with an industry mentor—a current or former business owner, president, CEO or advisor who specializes in the automotive aftermarket industry. Volunteers provide guidance to SEMA members, regardless of their professional experience.

Many individuals who have found success in their field say that to some degree, they owe a part of their success to a mentor, or someone influential in their lives who they looked up to and learned from. SEMA’s goal in creating this program is to connect individuals to create inspiring relationships.

To find a mentor that best aligns with your needs, visit the SEMA Senior Class website, where users may browse through all mentor profiles, learn about their industry backgrounds and select a mentor. Narrow down your mentor search by areas of expertise:

  • Business
  • Career Coaching
  • Distribution
  • E-Commerce and Data
  • Legal and Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing

Begin your search now!

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