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Take Advantage of the Upgraded Stratasys 3-D Printer at the SEMA Garage

By SEMA Editors

SEMA Garage
The SEMA Garage has upgraded its 3-D printer’s hardware to run Stratasys’ new material: Nylon 12 CF.

For the past several years, the SEMA Garage has successfully provided SEMA members with a wide range of rapid-prototype (3-D printed) materials, ranging from the standard ABS plastic to high-performance ULTEM 9085. These rapid prototypes have proven their purpose through multiple applications, including tooling, fitment, molds, one-off designs and limited testing runs.

However, some members have voiced their desire to push the limits of plastic rapid prototypes into a more durable testing application. Thus, the SEMA Garage has upgraded its 3-D printer’s hardware to run Stratasys’ new material: Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber (Nylon 12CF), which is comprised of a blend of Nylon 12 resin and chopped carbon fiber. This combination provides the highest flexural strength, stiffness-to-weight ratio, and is one of the strongest materials in the fused deposition modeling (FDM) material portfolio.

This new material will generate firm yet lightweight rapid prototypes for SEMA members, and allow them to undergo higher durability testing. Nylon 12CF will follow the same uniform process set for previous materials, in which members only pay for the cu.-in. amount of material that is required for the job.

“From a product-development standpoint, the goal of the SEMA Garage is to provide members with access to the latest technology,” said Warren Kosikov, SEMA senior director of OE relations. “This investment in carbon-fiber 3-D printing does just that by allowing members to rapid prototype using this strong, lightweight material, which is ideal for durability testing. The SEMA Garage is committed to continuous improvement of technologies available to its members and is proud to offer this new service.”

For more information, contact Warren Kosikov, or visit the SEMA Garage website.