2018 SEMA Show Outdoor Features, Where to Park

By Chad Simon

As buyers, exhibitors and members of the media prepare for the 2018 SEMA Show, here’s a preview of some of the main attractions to be found outside the walls of the Las Vegas Convention Center:

Platinum Lot

SEMA Ignited
SEMA Ignited features Drifting demonstrations, a cacklefest, hundreds of custom vehicles, the announcement of the Battle of the Builders® winner and more.

Unwind at SEMA Ignited—The Show’s Official After-party
SEMA Show week culminates at SEMA Ignited, the official after-party, which will be held in a new location this year—the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Platinum Lot. Just a short walk from the Show, the annual event is open to the public and starts immediately after the Show closes. SEMA Ignited gives consumers the opportunity to see some of the vehicles that were on display in the Show’s halls, while enjoying food, entertainment, drifting demonstrations and more. Gates open at 3:00 p.m., and industry professionals get in free with their SEMA Show badges.

Westgate Lot

Head to the Westgate Lot for Polaris Slingshot Joyride Experience
Polaris Slingshot—a three-wheeled, five-speed, 173hp Slingshot roadster—will host 2018 SEMA Show attendees with its “Joyride” ride-along experience in the Westgate Lot (booth #80050). Showgoers can ride as a passenger while a professional driver demonstrates the Slingshot’s driving capabilities by whirling around multiple tight corners within a custom-built, 18,000-sq.-ft. course. The Slingshot’s styling and design lends itself to an ideal customization platform. Slingshot owners have several accessory and upgrade options, whether selecting from the Slingshot accessory lineup of more than 150 parts and accessories, or from one of the numerous Slingshot aftermarket providers. Despite a federal motorcycle classification, Slingshot drivers in 44 states, including Nevada, can operate a Slingshot with their standard driver’s license; no motorcycle endorsement is needed.

Bronze Lot

Driving Experience
The Continental Tire Extreme Driving Experience, Powered By BMW

More to Do in the Performance Pavilion
The Performance Pavilion is one of four expansion areas dedicated to first-time and featured exhibitors. Located to the south of the Las Vegas Convention Center near the DUB magazine exhibit area, the Performance Pavilion connects buyers to new manufacturers in every segment of the marketplace.

The Continental Tire Extreme Driving Experience, Powered By BMW
Check out the Continental Tire Extreme Driving Experience, located in the Bronze Lot next to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. Show attendees will see and feel the characteristics of high-performance rubber, and they can go for a ride with a professional race driver.

Taxis, Limousines, Uber and Lyft
One of two designated drop-off and pick-up areas during the SEMA Show is located in the Bronze Lot. This transportation hub is located on the East side of the Performance Pavilion.

Silver Lot

Ford Out Front
Back again for 2018, Ford Out Front promises thrills and plenty of tire smoke.

Ford Out Front
Ford invites attendees to take an adrenaline-pumping spin in a high-powered vehicles at the Ford Out Front course. Attendees will feel the thrill of riding in a collection of high-performance machines. Professional drivers put the vehicles through their real-life paces on a closed-course proving ground, allowing riders to experience the latest in performance engineering.

Broadcasting live daily from the 2018 SEMA Show, Hoonigan promises to bring the typical thrills and excitement it is known for with its global audience. 


Hoonigan is bringing its brand of automotive mayhem to the 2018 SEMA Show. The “SEMA of Shred” will transform booth #62109, located outside of the South Hall near Paradise Avenue and Convention Center Way, into a recreation of Hoonigan’s Donut Garage yard. The outdoor exhibit will include celebrity influencers from the automotive realm and beyond, gaming simulators, the infamous ScumBug build among others, and the brand’s signature antics consisting of burnouts, donuts, massive hucks and more.

Hot Wheels Legends 50th Anniversary Tour
The Hot Wheels Legends 50th Anniversary Tour, the brand’s largest traveling car show, went to 15 cities to find custom-built cars worthy of becoming a Hot Wheels die-cast car. The 15 finalists are now here at the SEMA Show, where the winner will be inducted into the Hot Wheels Legends Hall of Fame. Come check out the winning car and fleet of finalist builds from the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, along with other legendary lifesize builds at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour booth #61045 in the Silver Lot.

RBP Road
For big truck fans, the Rolling Big Power (RBP) display on RBP Road, located just outside the Lower South Hall, is a not-to-be-missed feature. Dozens of custom lifted trucks and 4x4s can be found here, in addition to sponsor vehicles near their rig space.

SCORE Baja 1000 Experience

SCORE Baja 1000 Experience
The Silver 3 Lot at the front of the LVCC’s South Hall will be transformed into the ultimate off-road and desert-racing exhibit for the 2017 SEMA Show. The SCORE Baja 1000 Experience will include a host of displays and activities. The perimeter of the lot will house display rigs and exhibits. The middle will feature up to 50 Baja 1000 Trophy Truck and Class 1 race vehicles. Late Tuesday afternoon, the Trophy Trucks will roll out of the convention center and head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a live qualifying event for the Baja 1000. The stage will host all of the press and SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying activities and presentations.

Shell “Pioneering Performance” to Feature Top Builds, TV Personalities and Live Bands
Shell is returning to this year’s SEMA Show with the Shell “Pioneering Performance” (booth #60005) experience. Shell will put guests in the passenger seat for highly anticipated vehicle reveals, an exclusive look into the brand’s most recent campaigns and car builds and host some of the most prominent figures in the automotive and motorsports industries on the Live Stage. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with lubricants and fuels scientists and technical experts to learn how to keep their vehicles running in top form. Guests will also experience a number of visual innovations, such as a custom split-engine dual-fuel Dodge Charger V6 and John Hennessey’s recently debuted Venom F5 engine—a custom-built Hennessy 7.6L Twin Turbo V8 engine capable of achieving more than 1600 bhp at 7,200 rpm. Visit Shell’s website for a full schedule of events.

SEMA CruiseBeginning in the LVCC’s Silver Drive, the SEMA Cruise kickstarts Friday night’s fun, leading the crowd to the Platinum Lot and SEMA Ignited, the official after-party of the 2018 SEMA Show.

The SEMA Cruise—An Annual Tradition
Beginning in the LVCC’s Silver Drive, the SEMA Cruise kickstarts Friday night’s fun, leading the crowd to the Platinum Lot and SEMA Ignited, the official after-party of the 2018 SEMA Show. The Cruise features hundreds of Show vehicles delighting thousands of fans and local enthusiasts who gather annually to enjoy the spectacular procession.

Orange Lot

Experience New Vehicles at the Kia Torque Track
Kia has upped its game with two vehicle experiences. One course will highlight the rugged capabilities of the all-new ’20 Telluride SUV and the other will showcase the Stinger sport sedan. These ride-and-drive opportunities, to be held at the Proving Ground area between Central and South Halls, will be open during Show hours throughout the week.

Toyo Treadpass
The Toyo Tires Treadpass connects the Central and South Halls of the LVCC. More than just a shortcut, the Treadpass has become a destination featuring dozens of unique cars and trucks as well as the full line of Toyo Tires products. Visitors can also relax in the Recharge Lounge, recharging their mobile devices and their legs while enjoying the latest Toyo Tires videos.

North Road

OPTIMA Street Car Alley
Extending the action in the space between North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, the OPTIMA Street Car Alley will feature more than 80 of OPTIMA Batteries’ Ultimate Street Car Invitational competitors. Spectator tickets to the Ultimate Street Car Invitational will be available at the display, and OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car entrants will kick off the SEMA Cruise on Friday at 4:00 p.m., and lead the parade to SEMA Ignited.

Blue Lot

One of two designated drop-off and pick-up areas during the SEMA Show is located in the Blue Lot. 

Taxis, Limousines, Uber and Lyft
One of two designated drop-off and pick-up areas during the SEMA Show is located in the Blue Lot. This transportation hub is located on the East end of the Grand Lobby, adjacent to the Central Hall.

Food Trucks
To help provide Showgoers with more food options, food trucks, featuring a variety lunch dishes, snacks and beverages, will be available in the Blue Lot during Show hours.

Show Parking

  • Platinum Lot – Limited parking is available Monday–Thursday, for $10 per day.
  • 475 Sahara Ave. – Limited parking is available in the parking lot behind SLS Las Vegas with access to the SLS monorail station and shuttle service to the Show, Monday–Friday.

For navigation to the LVCC parking lots, please use the following addresses:

  • Platinum Lot – 937 E. Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Monday–Thursday)
  • 475 Sahara Ave. – 475 E. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Monday–Friday)