Market Snapshot

SEMA Market Research: Young People Still Care About Cars

By Kyle Cheng

Young Accessorizers Report
SEMA’s new “Young Accessorizers Report” is now available through SEMA Market Research.

Did you know that nearly half of all young drivers age 16–24 would rather go a week without their phone than their car? Despite media reports to the contrary, young people still have an interest in cars and accessorization. In fact, it’s an important part of their life. Seventy-nine percent of young accessorizers think their vehicles help them stay closer to friends. And they’re not all shopping online for their parts, either. Sixty-six percent buy at least some parts for their favorite modification project in-store.

Want to learn more about young accessorizers? Interested in what they drive? Curious about their motivations and how to reach them more effectively? Check out SEMA’s new “Young Accessorizers Report.”

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