Sneak Peek: Mark Delisle and Tony Arme to Bring Classic American Vehicles to 2018 SEMA Show

By John Santos

Get a sneak peek into the classic American cars of two SEMA Battle of the Builders (BOTB) competitors.

Mark Delisle, who turned his love of Camaros into a business 12 years ago, will showcase one of his customized Camaros at this year’s SEMA Battle of the Builders competition. He secured the name “IROC-Z” for the build, which features a custom front grille and a wide body. Delisle feels that the highest caliber of builders compete in Battle of the Builders and is fortunate to be able to participate this year. Learn more about his IROC Z Camaro:

Tony Arme of American Legends builds, services and repairs ’72-and-older vehicles, and will compete with a ’68 Mustang Coupe. The vehicle has been radically modified with nearly every part customized, from the Ferrari engine to the wheels and the rear window. Arme has given the classic car modern upgrades while still maintaining the vehicle’s beauty. Find out more about the ’68 Mustang Coupe’s vehicle modifications:

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