Exhibitors: Utilize the Show’s No. 1 Resource for Connecting With Buyers

By SEMA Editors

New Products Showcase
More than half of buyers reported that they visit an exhibitor’s booth after researching the company’s product in the New Products Showcase.

Exhibitors looking to attract more business at the SEMA Show use the New Products Showcase as a way to put their brand in front of buyers. The Showcase serves as an extension of an exhibitor’s booth, providing a visual representation of a company’s new products and best-sellers. Taking advantage of the Showcase and its high-traffic location allows exhibitors to reach out to new business while still connecting with buyers on the Show floor. This additional outreach is not only free, but has proven to be effective.

According to SEMA Show Management’s post-Show survey, more than half of buyers reported that they visit an exhibitor’s booth after researching the company’s product in the Showcase.

For the first time, the New Products Showcase features a Promo Package, which is offered to exhibitors through the new products entry form as an optional upgrade. This is a great opportunity for exhibitors to add value and additional exposure to their presence in the New Products Showcase—The SEMA Show’s No. 1 buyer and media destination.

The cost is $499 per product, and includes the following:

  • Company logo carpet ad (2x2 ft.) in the New Products Showcase.
  • A meter panel listing at the New Products Showcase entrance.
  • Enhanced product listing in the January 2019 issue of SEMA News.
  • Bonus: Those who purchase this promotion package before September 6 will be included in the Spotlight Product Listing section in the November 2019 issue of SEMA News.

The New Products Showcase is located on the Skybridge connecting the Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The high-traffic area serves as a destination for buyers, providing exhibitors with the valuable opportunity to attract new business without leaving their booths.

The Showcase is a small investment for exhibitors, one that offers valuable payoff at the Show and throughout the upcoming year. Each product is photographed, featured in SEMA publications, provided for media year-round on, and made available to exhibitors for use in company advertising or promotions.

Register Products Here!

The first product entered in the New Products Showcase is free. Additional products entered in the Showcase cost $75 each if submitted by the Friday, October 5, deadline, $150 each thereafter. There’s no limit to the total number of products a company can display. The Showcase also includes a Featured Products section designed to get top-selling products exposure among buyers who may have missed last year’s Show.

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