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SEMA Show Education: 5 Must-Attend Sessions for Your Staff

By Zane Clark

SEMA Education
Attorney Eugene Zelek will return the 2018 SEMA Show to lead an important session on MAP policies and practices.

Forbes contributor Siimon Reynolds once asked the question, “What is the most crucial aspect of business to focus on to ensure success?” Reynolds suggested that answers to this question would likely include sales, marketing, leadership, systems and financial acumen. However, he concluded that the underlying element contributing to success is urgency.

According to Reynolds, “The No. 1 gripe of executives and entrepreneurs today is that they can’t get enough done.”

One implication is that executives and entrepreneurs must empower their staff by providing the tools and resources to help move the business forward and ensure success by creating a shared sense of urgency.

Below are five sessions that will help your team do just that:

Effectively Dealing With Online and Other Discounting: A No-Nonsense Panel Discussion
Resale price erosion in the automotive aftermarket is a growing problem that affects every level of distribution—manufacturers, warehouse/distributors and both brick-and-mortar and online dealers and retailers. Industry panelists will pass on the lessons they’ve learned along the way—both the positives and the pitfalls.

Winning the Innovation Game
Participants will learn the four building blocks for executing an innovation strategy in an environment where change is happening at an ever-increasing rate. Extensive research done at Stanford University, MIT, Harvard and in the field by hundreds of practitioners has been brought together in a simple and powerful framework that leaders at all levels can take advantage of in the pursuit of their goals, given high levels of change.

Killing Status Quo with Principles to Fortune
Crush your competition from anywhere in the world with the power of the internet and an empowered workforce. No Ivy League degree or resources required. Learn why and how to craft a culture to massively grow your business. Q&A around work culture, e-commerce and killing status quo.

Why You Make More Money When You Have a Business Plan
All businesses in the trade were started with an idea. Unfortunately, most ideas were never written down and developed into a plan of action. This session explains how a business plan is not primarily for obtaining a loan, but is intended to help the owner develop the right course for the business and is to be used to keep the business and owner on track over the life of the business.

Build Your Tribe. Cut the Noise. Grow Your Business
Every day we are bombarded with information. “Push”-style messages trying to force us to buy this or recommend that. “Pull”-type messages promise untold wealth and happiness if we just do these three things! Find out direct from small-business boot-strappers and global business road warriors why employing on a more focused and authentic approach will enable you to punch through the “noise.”

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