SEMA Show Education: 5 Sessions That Will Change Your Perspective

By Zane Clark

SEMA Show Education
Education attendees participate in a body language exercise during the 2017 SEMA Show.

Success or failure in business is often a matter of perspective. Short-term failures can be hidden long-term successes, while quick wins can sometimes lead to future losses. SEMA Show Education offers attendees the opportunity to gain new and different ways to look at things. Below are five suggested programs that will change the way you look at business, relationships and the workplace:

Addressing Forbidden Topics to Get Back to Work

Explore multiple forbidden workplace topics, such as racism, religion, political views and how “real life” comes in between our responsibilities and our ability to fully “show up” to work.

Young Enthusiasts: How Is the Under 25 Crowd Accessorizing?

Look at what drives young people to accessorize, what they buy and what they are driving.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Forum: Customizing With Confidence

Results and insights from SEMA’s Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunities Report will be presented to help members understand the critical factors and business opportunities of the evolving market for retrofitting vehicles with aftermarket ADAS technologies and products.

Top Fuel for Life With Jim ‘O’

Kalitta Motorsports Crew Chief and Vice President of Operations Jim Oberhofer will share his unique story of heartbreak and triumph, and how teamwork, faith and shifting perspectives can transform overwhelming obstacles into unimaginable victories.

Success Signals: Body Language in Business Workshop

Nonverbal communication accounts for up to 90% of the meaning of a message. Become suddenly aware of hundreds of communications you had previously overlooked.  

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