Exhibitors: Find Out How to Gain Media Coverage at the Show

By SEMA Editors

New Products Showcase
Exhibitors are encouraged to enter their new products into the SEMA Show’s New Products Showcase—the number-one destination for attending buyers and media.

With more than 3,000 credentialed members of the media and more than 2,000 exhibitors attending the SEMA Show each year, getting the attention of reporters can be challenging. A good media strategy, along with a well-executed trade-show plan, can generate increased product awareness and lead to profitable sales.

Of course, every exhibitor is unique, and results will vary from company to company. Nevertheless, key strategies for SEMA Show exhibitors include:

  • Posting press releases in the SEMA Show Online Media Center: By posting news releases in the SEMA Show Online Media Center, you ensure that reporters looking for Show-related news do not miss out on your story. Posting to the Online Media Center can also generate coverage from SEMA’s publications and social media outlets. Post your release today.
  • Entering the New Products Showcase: Exhibitors can take advantage of the New Products Showcase by entering a qualified product for free. Providing a detailed description of that product can generate additional exposure and drive traffic to the booth. The Showcase often generates additional coverage in SEMA publications and online. Enter a product now.
  • Having someone dedicated to media efforts: Having an outside agency/consultant has many benefits, especially since they typically have media-relations experience and resources. However, exhibitors can still be successful by keeping their media relations in-house. The key is to assign someone the responsibility of managing the media program and to not treat it as a secondary thought. While your primary business is getting the product ready and selling to buyers, making the media a priority will lead to top results.
  • Targeted media outreach: Media at the SEMA Show cover an array of market segments, including motorsports, off-road, mobile electronics and more. Reach out to media targeted to your market and industry. Conduct web-based research and audit to identify relevant media who covered the SEMA Show in previous years and reporters who would potentially be interested in their story.
  • Pitches to media before the SEMA Show opens: Reporters are often contacted months before the SEMA Show and offered story ideas, images, facts and access to high-level company executives. Invite publications that are planning special SEMA Show editions, under embargo, to individual briefings with company executives in advance of the Show opening.
  • Creating a comprehensive press kit: Knowing that thousands of media outlets will be at the SEMA Show, develop a comprehensive press kit to distribute onsite at the event. In addition to having press kits available to reporters in the booth, exhibitors are able to place press kits and releases in the official SEMA Show Media Center at no cost.

To learn more about all of the PR opportunities available for exhibitors, visit the Exhibitor Services Manual or contact an account rep at or 909-396-0289.