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Registration Closing Soon for SEMA Middle East and Australia Business Development Conferences


By Linda Spencer

Registration is closing soon for the upcoming SEMA Middle East and Australia Business Development Conferences.

SEMA Middle East
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
April 3–8, 2018

Participants can learn the potential for their products in the customizing-crazy UAE and surrounding region (buyers attended the 2017 event from 11 countries), where consumers are eager to get the latest U.S. products for classic-car restoration, off-roading, racing, street performance and aesthetics. High disposable income, coupled with a passion for personalization, make this an attractive region.

The 2018 program includes hotel, meals, networking events, briefings, a tour of specialty-equipment shops and exhibiting at the Custom Show Emirates in a turnkey booth.

Exhibitor registration is available now.

SEMA Australia
Melbourne Australia
May 24–28, 2018

Participants can explore this market of true gearheads and the opportunities for manufacturers of sought-after products for SUVs and pickups, street performance and racing. New Ford Mustang sales are red-hot, and rumor has it that Australia has more hot rodders per capita than anywhere else in the world.

The 2018 program fees include hotel, meals, networking events, briefings, a tour of specialty-equipment shops and exhibiting at the MotorEx show in a turnkey booth.

Exhibitor registration is available now.

U.S. government support is available for qualified companies. Slots are limited.

For more information or to schedule a conference call to discuss the SEMA Business Development Program, contact Linda Spencer at

Middle East
“CSE really displayed the passion for motorsports and customizing in the Middle East, and the buyers who attended the show had great interest in our products,” said Lake Speed Jr. (left), general manager of Driven Racing Oil LLC. “I think that this is going to be a fast-growing marketplace for SEMA-member companies.”



Middle East

“This has been a great event,” said Sally Goldberg (right), national sales manager for UnderCover Inc. “We had the opportunity to do a meet-and-greet with the customers ahead of time, so we actually had a chance to get on a more personal level with them. The buyers were anxious to hear what our products were and what we had to offer them.”

Middle East
“The SEMA Middle East Business Development Program was once again a great experience,” said Joshua Abbott (left), international sales manager for Borla Performance Industries. “We have participated in this event for the past several years, and each time we have benefited greatly from the program. Although the Middle East is a mature market, it is still challenging, requiring a well-thought-out strategy, persistence, knowledge, great products and a lot of patience.”



SEMA Australia
“The SEMA Australia trip was very beneficial to Dee Zee, and we gained a lot of knowledge about the rules and regulations in that market along with developing several buyer contacts,” said Matt Guerdet (left), account manager for Dee Zee Inc.






SEMA Australia
Kevin Floody (left), director of international sales for aFe Power, said that he was very impressed with what he saw in the Australian market. “A lot of changes have occurred over the past couple of years, especially with the departure of Ford Australia and Holden,” he said. “I was also surprised to see American trucks starting to enter the market. That is great to see, especially for companies such as aFe Power. What also surprised me was how much Ford has managed to dominate the market with the Mustang GT, which is obviously a replacement for the Ford Falcon. Moreover, I couldn’t believe how GM/Chevy has not brought in the Camaro nor the Dodge Charger or Challenger. Australia continues to be a great market for U.S. manufacturers.”



SEMA Australia
Mike Hallmark (left) participated in the Australia trip as marketing and international sales manager for Hellwig Products. Each exhibitor received a turnkey booth, hotel and meals, with the U.S. government defraying the cost with a grant to each qualified company. “This year’s SEMA trip was great for Hellwig Products,” said Hallmark. “We were able to strengthen the relationships we started building in 2016. Face-to-face meetings prove to be of more value than email or phone calls. By going to the shops and sitting with customers/potential customers, it allowed us to set a solid foundation to better understand their needs and market. We have been able to develop new products that are specifically designed around the Australian market. These relationships will ensure we are supplying the region with the best possible products for their specific needs.”