What Exhibitors Need to Know About Project Vehicles

By Della Domingo

feature vehicle
Showcasing a vehicle at the SEMA Show is a great way to drive booth traffic.

One of the exclusive SEMA Show exhibitor benefits is having the opportunity to showcase a vehicle at the event, whether it’s in a booth or a feature vehicle spot. Both options are great ways to promote products and drive booth traffic.

Below are some tips to help exhibitors get the most out of a project vehicle at the Show and increase awareness:

  • Booth Vehicles: Exhibitors must submit a booth vehicle application so that the vehicle is registered with Show management. Be aware of the guidelines for booth vehicles. This form includes details to ensure a smooth move-in and move-out process. Booth vehicles are great for attracting buyers walking the aisles and should be used to engage customers.
  • Feature Vehicles: Applications for feature vehicle space are due August 1. Qualified exhibitors are guaranteed one space if their applications and payment are submitted before the deadline. Exhibitors should also note the guidelines for feature vehicles. Exhibitors should treat feature vehicle spaces as an extension of their booth spaces and use them to promote their own products and drive traffic to their booths.
  • Booth and Feature Vehicles: Exhibitors should encourage their vehicle builders to enter SEMA Battle of the Builders. A competition for builders, exhibitors also benefit because vehicle signage is promoted before, during and after the Show. Listings often include the sponsoring exhibitor and promote the products on the builds, and many vehicles are featured in online webisodes and television specials. Exhibitors should provide their builders with company shirts or offer them talking points about their products.

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