The Industry Speaks Out About Battle of the Builders

By Juan Torres

kyle tucker
Kyle Tucker, 2014 SEMA Battle of the Builders winner and 2016 top-three finalist.

Since the SEMA Battle of the Builders competition debuted in 2014, the program has become one of the industry’s most prestigious vehicle build competitions. With a television special chronicling the competition and online webisodes featuring behind-the-scenes stories, the competition gives builders a chance to share their stories and gain recognition for being a part of the world’s premier automotive trade show.

Participants had this to say about the SEMA Battle of the Builders:

“Battle of the Builders is now the big thing for car builders. Builders are building cars to debut at the SEMA Show and compete in the Battle of the Builders.”

—Kyle Tucker, 2014 winner and 2016 top-three finalist

“You’re competing with the best of the best. Everybody that’s anybody is here.”

—Bobby Alloway, 2015 winner

“It's one of the most unreal occurrences that has ever happened to me. I feel very deeply honored to be on stage next to individuals and shops who have built some of the most spectacular cars I have ever laid my eyes on.”

—Big Mike, 2016 Top 10 finalist

“I’m just proud to be here, to be a part of such a great event. All these people I look up to so much, I can’t believe I’m in the same environment.”

—Cam Miller, 2016 winner

“I’m focused on ensuring the car is 100% ready for Battle of the Builders at the SEMA Show and generating as much exposure as possible. It will be great to help highlight young builders my age and see my car go up against other amazing builds.”

—Dylan Coleman, 2017 participant

September 1 is the deadline for SEMA Show builders to register for the SEMA Battle of the Builders competition.