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10 Reasons to Register for SEMA’s Export Fair, July 25–26

By Linda Spencer

export fair
Hear from an international buyer panel of performance and off-road product distributors from key global markets, including the Middle East, Australia and China. These eight buyers will also meet one-on-one with attendees on a first-come-first-served basis. Use the summer Export Fair to start a conversation with these key buyers and invite them to your booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The SEMA Export Fair, to be held July 25–26, at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California, is a two-day program designed to help members grow their overseas businesses. Topics to be covered during the Export Fair will include using social media to promote your brand/products in China, complying with overseas regulatory requirements, and understanding the legal costs to enhancing the global protection of your trademarks and patents. Attendees will also learn tips from a panel of manufacturers with a collective 100-plus years of exporting experience, as well as an international buyer panel of performance and off-road products.

Here are 10 reasons to register now for the SEMA Export Fair:

  • Get a jump on the competition by learning best practices on how to vet overseas markets and potential customers, as well as tips on getting paid and shipping to dozens of international markets.
  • Find potential new distributors from Australia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China. Meet one-on-one with eight top buyers coming to the United States to provide information about their markets and discuss with you whether your products are a good fit for their markets.  
  • Twenty-five percent of buyers at the SEMA Show reside outside the United States. Learn some easy tips to attract them to your SEMA Show booth with a handy list of best practices.
  • Learn about the new regulations governing vehicle customization in the UAE.
  • Hear from a compliance expert (who is also a “car guy”) on the requirements to sell to Saudi Arabia. Peter Campbell from SGS will also talk more generally about staying up-to-date on global compliance requirements.
  • James Eron of KungFu Data and Rachel Salzman of the U.S. Government’s International Trade Administration’s Office of Intellectual Property will provide a practical, step-by-step guide of what to do/not do if you find counterfeit versions of your products on Alibaba. Learn the quickest way to get the products removed from the online platform.  
  • Ron Weber of Trinet Internet Solutions and Carl Miller of GRIN will provide tips on how to promote your brand in China. 
  • Hear from a star panel of top IPR attorneys about best practices for protecting your trademarks and patents overseas. Schedule a complimentary private meeting with an IPR attorney to check your current practices and learn additional proactive steps.
  • Gain top tips from a panel of manufacturers with a collective 100+ years of exporting experience.
  • Network with fellow SEMA members over In-N-Out Burger.

Don’t miss out. Register for the 2017 Export Fair now!