Exhibitors Offering Products to SEMA Show Builders

By Jason Catullo

Project Vehicle
Exhibitors of the 2017 SEMA Show can expand their reach, product exposure and Show-floor presence by offering products to builders through the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders list.

Exhibitors of the 2017 SEMA Show are invited to expand their reach, product exposure and Show-floor presence by offering products to builders through the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders list. The list connects manufacturers with builders looking to create or complete a vehicle project.

The list, which will be updated each week in SEMA eNews, features product offers and contact information provided by confirmed SEMA Show exhibitors. Builders interested in obtaining a product use the information to contact exhibitors directly. With each project vehicle required to be supported by a current 2017 SEMA Show exhibitor, all product-placement decisions, negotiations and agreements are the responsibility of the exhibiting manufacturer and the builder.

The list is open to exhibitors of the 2017 SEMA Show only. To be included in the list, complete the form.

Exhibitors: Each submission will appear on a first-come, first-served basis. All submissions are due by Friday, October 6, 2017. As participation increases, all submissions will also be archived on

Note: For verification purposes, the Project-Vehicle Builders form must be used to participate in the program; email submissions will not be included in the list. Participation in the list does not guarantee product or vehicle placement at the 2017 SEMA Show.

Recent Submissions

Engine/Underhood Components

Fidanza Performance: High performance aluminum flywheels, Adjustable Cam Gears, Short Throw Shifters, Clutches (Domestic and Import). Contact: Matt Polena,; 440-259-5656. Website:

Flowmaster, B&M & Hurst: Axle back and cat back exhaust systems, mufflers, differential covers, transmission pans, Cold Air intake, headers, torque converts, transmission/oil coolers. Contact: Marketing Department,; 707-544-4761. Website:    

GC Cooling: High-performance electric cooling fans and accessories. Contact: Preston Folkestad,; 515-645-5908. Website:

Kentrol/Fishbone Offroad: Jeep hood prop rods and grill supports.. Contact: Jamey Paine,; 330-549-2235. Website:

Northern Radiator: Aluminum performance radiators for race, muscle car, hotrod, and sport compact applications. Performance radiators and charge air coolers for diesel truck applications. Aluminum fan shrouds for race, muscle card and hotrod applications. Contact: Denny Engelmann,; 320-235-2288. Website:

ProCharger: Superchargers and intercooled supercharger systems. Contact: Cary Pangrac,; 913-338-2886. Website:

Savior Battery Cases: Savior Battery Cases and Trays. Contact: Jon Templeman,; 913-638-8222. Website:

Tech Line Coatings: Ceramic coatings for exhaust system and internal engine components. Contact: Tim Sampson,; 865-773-0599. Website:


BASF Corp.: **NEW** R-M® Onyx HD™ and Diamont™ Zyrilliant Color Series is a collection of 108 colors that provide custom car builders and restoration shops with the ability to deliver bright, extreme and one-of-a-kind shades. These formulas are easily customizable and feature a range of colors, developed without using special pigments or effect components. The series offers 36 custom shades, as well as 12 ground colors and 60 high-chroma colors that can be combined and applied using a tri-coat process to create the maximum effect. These eye catching shades react to direct light to deliver incredible shimmer and sparkle with color changing effects.  Glasurit® 55-Line and 90-Line waterborne products will also be available.  Each system will also provide primers, hardeners, reducers, and clears for selected vehicles. Contact: Brian Fox,; 717-577-6449. Website:

B&W Trailer Hitches: Gooseneck hitches, fifth wheel RV hitches, and tow and stow adjustable ball mount hitches. Contact: James Works,; Phone: 620-473-3664. Website:

Carr: Truck side steps: Hoop 2, Super Hoopa nd NEW LD Step. Light rack systems, hitch steps, deployable work-truck step, tool box steps and grab handles. Contact: Robert Hamlton,; 651-719-1068. Website:

EGR Inc.: We offer a wide range of premium auto accessories such as: Color-matched fender flares, matte fender flares, window visors, hood shields, and rear cab spoilers for late model trucks. Contact: Autumn Lamb,; 909-923-7075. Website:

Flowmaster, B&M & Hurst: Graphics packs, wheels, exhaust tips. Contact: Marketing Department,; 707-544-4761. Website:

Gem Tubes: Unique Octagon Step Bars and Gas/Diesel Geometric Exhaust Tips (Lucky 7 Exhaust Tips). Contact: Nathan Keith,; 705-783-6066. Website:

Hornblasters Inc.: Available items range from complete air-horn and train-horn kits with complete on-board air units to just the horns if the vehicle is already equipped with air-ride. We have a variety of products to offer, and the ability to assemble custom kits to fit any vehicle or application. Contact: Manny Rizzo,; 877-209-8179. Website:

Impact Plastics Automotive: 18 and 9 cu.-ft. roof top cargo carriers. Zero tool assembly and made of durable four season HDPE material. Provides added storage space for gear on the top of the vehicle. Fits most factory and aftermarket cross rails. Contact: Mike Sheridan,; 847-323-8810. Website:

Kentrol/Fishbone Offroad: Jeep bumpers, armor, hinges, hood latches, tire carriers, skid plates, tube doors, mirrors, light guards, hood accessories, windshield hinges. Contact: Jamey Paine,; 330-549-2235. Website:

Omni United: Radar Renegade R7 M/T tires, Radar Renegade A/T 5 tires, Radar Dimax R8+ UHP tires, Radar AS 8 Touring tires, Timberland CROSS Tires, and Timberland A/T Tires. Contact: Casey Robinson,; 231-645-6452. Website:

Owens Products Inc.: Jeep VENOM hood (fiberglass heat extraction hood), Fusion step (heavy duty oval step), GlaStep (custom fiberglass running boards *must be painted*), ClassicPro running boards (extruded aluminum *bright or black* and diamond tread aluminum), Premier Grip ( custom TPO running boards), Ellipse & Garrison (diamond tread tool boxes), Commercial use running boards and rear van steps. Contact: Bob Mansmith,; 269-865-2122. Website:

Ranch Hand: Grille guards, front bumpers, back bumpers and running steps. Contact: Samantha Fojtik,; 210-930-3948. Website:

Raptor Series: Step bars and bed rails. Contact: Jesse Brown,; Phone: 510-298-5426. Website:

Reflexxion Automotive Products LLC: Cowl Induction Hoods for 2015-2017 Ford F-150. Contact: Angii Kingsley,; 901-332-6263. Website:

Weapons Grade Fabrication: Custom truck racks and side steps, designed specifically to fit your truck, jeep or sprinter van. Contact: Greg Marankie,; 530-320-5260. Website:

Interior Components/Accessories

Fidanza Performance: Short Throw Shifters. Contact: Matt Polena,; 440-259-5656. Website:

Flowmaster, B&M & Hurst: Auto and manual shifters, shifter accessories, floor mats. Contact: Marketing Department,; 707-544-4761. Website:

Kentrol/Fishbone Offroad: Jeep interior bezels, grab handles, dash components and seat mounts. Contact: Jamey Paine,; 330-549-2235. Website:

Owens Products Inc.: K-9 containment (K-9 vehicle inserts for 15+ Tahoe & 11+ Explorer). Contact: Bob Mansmith,; 269-865-2122. Website:

Soundstream: Car audio systems including: source units, amps, subwoofers, headrests and overhead video units, etc. Contact: Monika Earle,; 323-72-2333-3295. Website:

TKO Clamping Systems: Custom hose clamps and mounting/anchor clamps.  These replace worm gear or spring steel clamps with anodized engraved custom fit clamps that lock on with ease and unlock with just the twist of a straight screw driver.  They come in 5 different colors and can be custom engraved with your logo or company name.  No one else is building anything like them and for builders that sweat every detail, they really add to a nice clean finished look. Contact: Tim Magagna or Stan Caldwell,; 208-380-9860. Website:

Suspension/Brake Components

Flowmaster, B&M & Hurst: Springs. Contact: Marketing Department,; 707-544-4761. Website:

QA1: Shocks, coil-over kits, control arms, trailing arms, k-members, sway bars, other suspension components, full-vehicle suspension kits,  ball joints, rod ends. Contact: Bill Foley,; 952-985-5675. Website:

Steer Smarts: Steering and chassis components for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler "JK". Products include: Steer Smarts YETI XD (1 5/8")  1.5 TON Tie Rod, Steer Smarts YETI XD "No Drill" Top Mount (1 5/8")  1.5 TON Draglink, Steer Smarts YETI XD Top Mount (1 5/8")  1.5 TON Draglink for High Steer Knuckles, Steer Smarts YETI XD Bottom Mount (1 5/8") 1.5 TON Draglink, Steer Smarts Griffin XD Steering Attenuator, Steer Smarts YETI XD (2") 2 TON Track Bar, Steer Smarts YETI XD Track Bar Relocation Bracket, and Steer Smarts YETI XD T (1 5/8") Steering Stabilizer Bracket. Contact: Jay Velthoven,; 734-892-3755. Website:

Tech Line Coatings: Ceramic coatings for brake components and wheels. Contact: Tim Sampson,; 865-773-0599. Website:

Disc Brakes Australia - DBA USA: Brake rotors and brake pads. Contact: Yoni Kellman,; 800-747-2220. Website:

Other Products/Services

Dannmar Lifts: Automotive lifts in 2-post, 4-post and scissor configuration. if you need a lift to show your product at the show, we can provide. Contact: Michael OConnell,; 877-432-6627. Website:

Eaton: Eaton is looking to sponsor five vehicles with differentials for the 2017 SEMA Show. Contact: Steve Case, 269-342-3533. Website:

Gem Tubes: Custom OCTA series step tubes for your vehicle if it is not one of our standard applications. Contact: Nathan Keith,; 705-783-6066. Website:

Grypshon Industries: Grypmat. The Grypmat is made from our patent-pending, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, rubberized material. They work on curved surfaces such as car bodies and composite race cars. Using a Grypmat reduces surface damage during painting, shortens build times, and is a customizers most valuable tool. Contact: Ray Ferreira,; 813-943-5166. Website:

Owens Products Inc.: RaceMate (garage & trailer accessories). Contact: Bob Mansmith,; 269-865-2122. Website:

Patriot Campers: Patriot Camper Trailers, models X1 and X2 available to display behind overland vehicles around the show. Contact: Justin Montesalvo,; 702-630-3464. Website:

QA1: Carbon fiber driveshafts. Contact: Bill Foley,; 952-985-5675. Website:

Transfer Flow Inc.: Fuel tanks for full-size trucks including larger replacement fuel tanks, in-bed auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling tanks, fuel tank and tool box combos. Contact: Warren Johnson,; 530-893-5209. Website: