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Best Restoration Products Named by Spring Carlisle Attendees

By Katie Carson

PUI, Bucket Seat Tracks ’68–’71 Nova.
Classic Instruments, Bel Era 3 Direct Fit Package ’55–’56 Chevy.
Trim Parts
Trim Parts Inc., Fender-Hood Molding Kit ’68–’72 Nova.
Camaro Central, Electric Rally Sport Conversion Kit ’69 Camaro.

Jae Enterprises Inc., Wheel Cap ’73–’82 Corvette.
Ingenuity Fab & Speed LLC, Chassis Bracket LS Engine Swap.
REM Automotive Inc., Molded Hood Insulation ’81–’88 Monte Carlo.
Performance Plus
Performance Plus Connection, Heat Shield LS Starter.
Custom Autosound, Backseat Driver.

At last month’s annual Hot Products Showcase at Spring Carlisle, dozens of products were displayed in the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) tent by multiple ARMO-member companies for restoration enthusiasts and consumers to discover. New products were entered into one of nine new product award categories, and event attendees were asked to cast their votes for their favorite products.

The following is a list of the award winners:

Reproduction Original Replacement Interior

Company: PUI
Product: Bucket Seat Tracks ’68–’71 Nova

Non-Original Interior
Company: Classic Instruments
Product: Bel Era 3 Direct Fit Package ’55–’56 Chevy

Reproduction Original Replacement Exterior/Trim
Company: Trim Parts Inc.
Product: Fender-Hood Molding Kit ’68–’72 Nova

Non-Original Exterior/Trim
Company: Camaro Central
Product: Electric Rally Sport Conversion Kit ’69 Camaro

Reproduction Original Replacement Drivetrain/Brakes/Suspension/Wheels
Company: Jae Enterprises Inc.
Product: Wheel Cap ’73–’82 Corvette

Non-Original Drivetrain/Brakes/Suspension/Wheels
Company: Ingenuity Fab & Speed LLC
Product: Chassis Bracket LS Engine Swap

Reproduction Original Replacement Engine
Company: REM Automotive Inc.
Product: Molded Hood Insulation ’81–’88 Monte Carlo

Non-Original Engine
Company: Performance Plus Connection
Product: Heat Shield LS Starter

Accessory Item
Company: Custom Autosound
Product: Backseat Driver