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SEMA Career Center and the HR Hub Receive Enhancements

By Amelia Zwecher

The career services team has updated the SEMA Career Center and HR Hub for a more user- and mobile-friendly environment. The SEMA Career Center is now live, and the HR Hub will be live May 1.

The HR Hub features enhanced content organization that improves browsing and search results navigation.

HR Hub Enhancements:

  • “My libraries” function will allow the user to set content (such as a custom group of states) to improve search capabilities.
  • Users will be able to save searches and, at the same time, set up alerts for search topics.
  • New options in managing document formats for printing, saving and emailing.   
  • More easily manage and save documents to a folder for project management.
  • Users will have ability to add a note to a document. The note is specific to the user.
  • Unique search process will automatically include plurals and industry-related terms.
  • Enhanced content organization that improves browsing and search-results navigation.
  • Emails will have an enhanced look, displaying article titles. Users click a title to see content in a doc-only view.
Career Center
The SEMA Career Center features a new header/search section.

SEMA Career Center Enhancements:

New Job Seeker & Employer Landing Pages Key Features:

  • New Header/Search section: A new background image can be changed if desired to something more industry-specific. The job search feature is presented showing two input fields (keywords/location) with a link to the advanced search options.
  • Statistics and Sign Up: Two metrics will display (job listings/employers hiring). Both act as hyperlinks to the jobs page. Sign up/sign in will display to the right.
  • Featured or Recent jobs: This area will showcase three randomly selected jobs from the pool of featured jobs. To maximize impact, jobs with employer logos will receive preference over jobs with no logos. Each will display job title, employer and location. Clicking anywhere within this box will direct to that position.
  • Benefits: This section highlights the main features of a registered job seeker. These items will hyperlink to those sections of the site for ease of use, intercepted by a sign-in page if the user is not yet signed in.
  • Services: The services section contains teasers to job-seeker services and features. Each item is hyperlinked to that section of the Career Center for the user to learn more. The user is intercepted by a sign-in/sign-up page where applicable.
  • Featured Employer: This section is a carousel display of all employers with a featured employer profile who have jobs displayed on that particular career center. Each logo is hyperlinked to that employer’s profile. They are presented in a random fashion (as opposed to alphabetically) so that more exposure is likely.

The new Internship Module is designed to bring greater exposure to internships and make it easier for students, recent graduates and career-changers to locate and apply for those positions. Key benefits include:

  • Encouraging employers to post more internships to the Career Center.
  • Encouraging students to utilize the Career Center early in their careers.
  • Creating an additional benefit that draws prospective members to your association.

For more information, contact Amelia F. Zwecher, PhD, PHR, at