Celebrate SEMA Career Center’s First-Year Anniversary With a Special Offer

By Amelia Zwecher

career center
Celebrate the one-year anniversary of SEMA's Career Center by taking advantage of free, 30-day internship job postings.

In 2016, SEMA took a step to help member business owners succeed with the addition of the Career Center Job Board. Celebrate with SEMA Education by taking advantage of free, 30-day internship job postings. Also, SEMA members can benefit even more with the single, 30-day online job-posting package. Paid postings are as low as $100, which is more than a 50% savings compared to other job boards.

Why should you post jobs on SEMA’s Career Center? Here are eight additional reasons to motivate you.

Since its inception, the SEMA job board stats are as follows (as of 1/27/17):

  • Page views: 562,500 (all employers and job seekers)
  • New job seekers: 4,620
  • Time on-site: 3+ hours (job seekers are thoroughly reviewing job descriptions and updating their profiles)
  • Unique visitors: 103,974 (job seekers are checking in on career opportunities regularly)
  • Searchable résumé quantity: 2,000+ (job seekers are posting and updating their profiles regularly)
  • Applications received: 4,463
  • Average applications: 4 (this is an average submission for every candidate)
  • New employers: 433 (your visibility will be prevalent!)

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