Motorsports Tech Roundtable to Feature Experts From Edelbrock, MagnaFlow and Knobbe Martens

By Kent Bradley

The Second Annual Motorsports Tech Roundtable Discussions will be hosted by SEMA’s Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN), Monday, January 23.

The ETTN Roundtable is a free forum for all SEMA members to take part in discussions on a variety of important topics with key industry leaders from Edelbrock, SEMA, MagnaFlow and Knobbe Martens. Attendees can explore how current and future product development and testing fortifies their business and the industry as a whole.

Product developers, engineers and programmers are especially encouraged to attend.

  • Table 1: The Fundamental Principles of Intake Manifold Design, presented by Dr. Rick Roberts, Edelbrock.

  • Table 2: Emissions Compliance for Street Performance Products, presented by Peter Treydte, SEMA compliance center manager.

  • Table 3: Advancements in Product Design—From Idea to Prototype, presented by Mike Spagnola, vice president of OEM and product development programs, and Gabe Hall, MagnaFlow.

  • Table 4: Current Technology Transfer Trends from Track to Street, presented by John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of vehicle technology.

  • Table 5: Obtaining Patents to Protect Motorsports Technology, presented by Robb Roy, partner at Knobbe Martens.

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