SEMA Show Highlights

Toyota Concepts Celebrates Past, Present and “Extreme” Future

By SEMA News Staff

With both the Toyota Corolla and the SEMA Show celebrating 50th anniversaries, Toyota is taking the theme of past, present and future to literal extremes with its Central Hall booth (#24800). Six exhibit pods examine the legacies and developments of key Toyota vehicles—including the Corolla, GT-86, Land Cruiser, Prius, Sienna and Tacoma—while six “extreme” vehicle builds conceptualize what the future might hold for these models if their designs were pushed beyond the outer limits.

“The future is an important word for Toyota this year,” said Dan Gardner, general manager, Gardner Communications, spokesman for the automaker. “Obviously the SEMA Show is about extreme vision, but what if you stacked it and staged it in reference to the past and the present and look at extreme as almost a Sci-Fi future? These are cars that could be, or a direction Toyota might go. Who knows? It’s the stuff of dreams, the stuff of imagination.”

The display vehicles run the gamut from drivable concepts to total flights of fancy. “In our six builds you’re going to see a variety of cars that you can imagine using everyday on the street, using once and a while and maybe not using at all and being a showpiece,” summed up Gardner.