Why All Exhibitors Should Be Part of the New Products Showcase

By Carr Winn

New Products Showcase
There is no easier way to get the attention of more buyers than placing your latest innovations and signature products in the SEMA Show’s New Product Showcase.

For exhibitors, one of the main goals of the SEMA Show is to get their new products in front of buyers. One of the most powerful ways to accomplish this ambition is to enter a new product in the SEMA Show’s New Product Showcase.

Open one hour before the main halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and one hour after, the Showcase is the premiere destination for buyers and media to make decisions about which exhibitors to place on their personal can’t-miss list. In fact, research shows that 70% of buyers review products in the Showcase, and their visit to the Showcase influences more than half of these buyers to go see an exhibitor’s booth.

According to SEMA Show Operations Manager Brendan Gillespie, the New Products Showcase allows buyers the opportunity to actually scan the barcodes associated with individual products, similar to a wedding registry, and then print their list of favorites.

“When you’re done with the scanner, you return it to one of the scanner desks and you can get a printout of all the products that you scanned,” explained Gillespie. “It makes it much easier to navigate to exhibitors’ booths.”

Registering a product in the New Products Showcase actually increases your footprint as an exhibitor. Beyond just the physical location of your booth, it places your products in one of the most prominent display areas in the Las Vegas Convention Center. As added value for all exhibitors, the Showcase includes a Featured Products section for previously-introduced products, providing companies the opportunity to highlight a signature product to buyers who are new to the Show.

More questions? Additional information on the New Product Showcase is available online or you can contact Brendan Gillespie at