SEMA Pickup Report: New Research to Help Your Truck Business

By Matt Kennedy

The 2016 SEMA Market Report showed that the light-truck niche posted a fifth consecutive year of growth and pickups represented just over a quarter of specialty-equipment sales for passenger vehicles in 2015. The new SEMA Pickup Report goes into more detail on this vehicle segment, offering insight into what these consumers buy, where they shop and how to connect with them.

Did you know:

  • There are more than 51 million pickups on the road in the United States?
  • 40% of pickup owners modify or accessorize their vehicle?
  • 75% of pickup accessorizers search for parts online?

The SEMA Pickup Report is free for SEMA members. 

Fueled by 2.5 million new pickup sales last year, there are now more than 51 million pickups on the road in the United States. SEMA’s new benefit, Vehicles In Operation (VIO) counts, can help explain how much of this vast market represents opportunity for your business. Learn more about the SEMA Member VIO program.

Be on the lookout for SEMA’s report on the U.S. Racing Market, coming out October 15. This report will provide SEMA’s first-ever look at the racing status in the United States and the opportunities SEMA members can find there. Members can view all of SEMA’s research reports at