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SEMA Data Co-op Releases New Streamlined Data Management Tools

By SEMA Editors


New, improved tools are now available to suppliers in the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC)—the automotive aftermarket’s premier data management repository. The new tools, which simplify the data-loading process while supporting the SDC’s top-rated score carding process, allow suppliers to submit data in all the popular formats, convert and validate the data to industry standards, and store it in an ACES- and PIES-compliant repository with little or no manual intervention.

“The new tools are designed to quickly pass product data from supplier to SDC systems through traditional data delivery processes or direct system-to-system connections,” said Stephanie Jones, director of eBusiness for the SDC. “This dramatically reduces the import time and virtually eliminates manual mapping work.”

The SDC’s score-carding program grades supplier data to four levels of completeness: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. These grades, defined by actual user (data receiver) requirements, help guide suppliers to complete the fields that are most important to their customers, while easing the task of navigating through hundreds of data fields defined by the PIES standard.

Jon Wyly, CEO of the SDC, noted, “The SDC team is highly focused on data quality, and we work diligently with suppliers to increase their score-card level to the platinum grade, and maintain that high level of quality. These new tools will support our data-quality efforts, while providing further automation to the data-management process. The end result is clean, consistent data with a minimum amount of manual intervention.”

The SEMA Data Co-op is an industry-owned and operated project designed to bring full product data-management capabilities to participating suppliers at the lowest possible cost. Features include a secure, industry standards-based centralized data repository, extensive on-boarding tools, expert live training and technical assistance, and unlimited standard or fully customized data exports.

For more information about these new options, contact the SDC Data Lab at 888-958-6698, ext. 40. To learn more about how to join the SDC, visit or contact Allen Horwitz at or 888-958-6698 ext. 9.