Highlight Your Products in SEMA’s Show Publications

By Jason Catullo

SEMA Show Publications
Participating in SEMA’s Show publications is a simple, no-cost process that begins by submitting a press release to the SEMA Show Online Media Center.

SEMA’s Online Media Center is available to Show Exhibitors to post product and news releases at no cost. All it takes is about 100 words of copy and a high-resolution image, and you can upload a press release to help create excitement and exposure for your company’s products and Show participation. This valuable opportunity puts your company, your booth number, and your new product in front of thousands of potential buyers.

SEMA’s editorial team is currently pulling releases for use in both SEMA News and the SEMA Show Daily. If you want to be considered for publication, it’s time to finalize your text and select the best image of your new product.

The products featured in SEMA’s Pre-Show publications will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibitors are encouraged to continue uploading new materials to the Online Media Center up until the Show opens. For all media covering the SEMA Show, the Online Media Center is designed as a resource that offers visitors a preview of the 2016 SEMA Show.

Key Contacts for SEMA’s Online Media Center and SEMA’s editorial department:

Della Domingo
Public Relations Director

John Stewart
Vice President, Editorial Director