Feature Vehicle Deadline and Other Key Exhibitor Dates

By Jason Catullo

SEMA Show North Hall
In addition to the July’s exhibitor deadlines, the SEMA Show Feature Vehicle Application deadline is August 1.

Four exhibitor deadlines will hit in the next five weeks, including the deadline to submit Feature Vehicle Display Applications for exhibitors planning to display a vehicle outside of the company’s booth.

The first set of deadlines for 2016 SEMA Show exhibitors begin in July, including dates for online press release submissions and photos for SEMA’s pre-Show publications, and applications for companies planning a media conference at the Show. Pre-Show publications include the first issue of the SEMA Show Daily and the September and October issues of SEMA News magazine.

July Deadlines

Several more deadlines take place in August, including the Feature Vehicle Display application for companies interested in displaying a vehicles outside of their Show booth.

August Deadlines

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