Three Steps Exhibitors Can Take Now to Prepare for November

By Jason Catullo

SEMA Show Floor 2015
Now that the Priority Selection Process is complete, SEMA Show exhibitors are encouraged to reserve hotels rooms, register staff and become familiar with the Show’s Exhibitor Services Manual.

Now that you have your booth location for the 2016 SEMA Show, there are three steps that SEMA Show management encourages exhibitors to take now to save time and be better prepared as Show time approaches.

1. Lock-In Guaranteed Low Hotel Rates  

The SEMA Show Travel and Lodging page lists more than 30 hotels and their rates and is powered by OnPeak, the Official Housing Partner of the SEMA Show. Booking through OnPeak means that exhibitors can lock in guaranteed low rates for hotels now and benefit from added perks, such as no booking or cancellation fees and simple tools to manage group bookings. Properties can be searched by several categories, including price, location, amenities and rating.

2. Register Your Staff

Completing registration early allows companies to ensure their staff members have the credentials needed prior to the Show's opening and helps to avoid registration lines on site. Register your staff at

3. Review The Exhibitor Services Manual

The SEMA Show Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM) contains all of the forms, instructions and deadline information for companies to execute a successful Show plan. One key element of the ESM that exhibitors are encouraged to become acquainted with at this point of Show preparation is the Exhibitor Deadline Checklist. The list provides every key deadline from now until the beginning of the 2016 SEMA Show.

The earliest deadlines begin in July, with the photo submission deadline for SEMA pre-Show publications on July 22, online press release submissions for inclusion in SEMA pre-Show publications on July 25, and Media Conference Applications on July 29.

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