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Industry Pulls Off Best Booth Selection Process in 50 Years

By Jason Catullo

Booth Selection Process
The SEMA Show Priority Space Selection Process is now complete. View the floorpan. Click any Show section to see the layout.

The SEMA Show Priority Space Selection Process is now complete, and SEMA Show Management reports a 10% increase in companies requesting space. View the floorpan and click any Show section to see the layout.

Beginning in early May and concluding this week, the 2016 Space Selection Process included the highest number of space and companies assigned during the selection timeframe, making it the most successful in the Show’s 50-year history.

“This was the highest level of participation and industry support for the Space Selection that we’ve ever experienced,” said SEMA Director of Trade Shows Tom Gattuso. “This November, the buyers attending the Show will see more new products, new innovations and the best of the industry.”

The exhibit space selection order is determined by a company’s seniority, and companies typically earn one seniority point for each year they exhibit. Member companies with the highest seniority points are given the first choice, followed by member companies with one less seniority point, and so on. Non-member companies follow the same process after all member companies have selected.

Selection based on seniority provides all companies with the opportunity to capitalize on their continued commitment to the Show, regardless of the size of their operation or the size of the booth space they reserve. The growth and success of the industry’s companies throughout the years and their support for the SEMA Show is evident in the record number of exhibitors that selected their spots for the 2016 Show.

Read the SEMA Show Exhibitor Rules and Regulations.

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The following represents the percent increase in the number of exhibitors from the 2015 space selection compared to this year’s. 

North Hall

  • Collision Repair & Refinish - Up 13%
  • Mobile Electronics & Technology - Up 5%
  • Restyling & Car Care Accessories - Up 16%
  • Tools & Equipment - Up 15%

Central Hall

  • Hot Rod Alley - Up 9%
  • Racing & Performance - Up 4%
  • Restoration Marketplace - Up 4%

Upper South Hall

  • Business Services - Up 19%
  • Powersports & Utility Vehicles - Up 4%
  • Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road - Up 9%

Lower South Hall

  • Global Tire Expo - Up 10%
  • Wheels & Accessories - Up 19%

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