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Setting the Facts Straight on the RPM Act

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

The EPA’s recent decision to withdraw its provision regarding regulating race cars does not ensure our right to modify racecars. The race industry is still at risk. The ONLY way to guarantee that modification is legal now and in the future is to pass the bipartisan RPM Act.

MYTH: It’s a myth that your race car cannot be targeted for enforcement under the Clean Air Act.

FACT: The truth is that the EPA continues to claim that it has authority to regulate street vehicles that are modified into race cars used solely for competition. Although the EPA recently removed its controversial provision, the agency’s assertion leaves the race industry at risk of future enforcement.

SOLUTION: The only way to guarantee that you can continue to modify your street vehicle for the track, today and into the future, is to urge Congress to approve the RPM Act. The bipartisan bill will:

  1. Guarantee that it is legal to modify a street vehicle for exclusive track use now and in the future.
  2. Certify that modifying street vehicles for exclusive track use is not considered tampering.
  3. Confirm Congress’ intent that race cars for exclusive track use are not included in the Clean Air Act’s definition of “motor vehicle.”

We need you to contact Congress and demand that they support the RPM Act. Take action today!