How the SEMA Show Can Help You Improve Job Performance

By Michael Hart

Attendees interested in taking advantage of the 2016 SEMA Show’s Education Program can review speaker topics and register for sessions at

To figure out the best way to help your company, start digging into the educational offerings available at the 2016 SEMA Show, November 1– 4, in Las Vegas.

You're going to need some ammunition to receive permission from your boss to take the time off to travel to the Show. Take a look at the education tracks, see which ones most closely fit your job description and identify the conference sessions that are most likely to help your company.

Maybe you’re involved in vehicle technology. Have you heard the latest ideas going around about automotive electronics? There are conference sessions that will offer service suggestions your company may be able to provide its customers.

Or perhaps you’re in business operations. Have you figured out yet how to take big data and make it work for your company? There are new ways all the time to analyze data to improve a business’ bottom line. Check out the conference sessions available on that topic.

Are you on the sales side? Think your boss might like it if you came back from the SEMA Show with an update on the latest in consultative sales skills that you could then share with your colleagues?

Or are you responsible for marketing? Feel like you know everything you can about hiring the right employees? If your boss wants to see you increase the traffic to your company’s website, there’s a conference session that can show you how to do it.

No matter your job title or company role, there are conference sessions at the SEMA Show that can help you grow your career and your company’s business.

Visit the 2016 SEMA Show Education Days website to view the complete list of education sessions.