SEMA Offers New Research—Vehicles In Operation Counts

By Gavin Knapp

SEMA Market Research
Through Experian’s AutoCount Vehicles In OperationSM, SEMA Market Research can provide members with comprehensive counts of vehicles on the road in the United States.

Thinking of offering your products for the ’05 Ford Mustang, but not sure of the sales potential? SEMA Market Research can help you assess how many of those Mustangs are still on the road.

Planning to stock products or create specials marketed to Nissan 350z owners? SEMA Market Research can show you how many 350zs are within your service area.

Introducing SEMA-Member VIO Counts

SEMA has partnered with Experian Automotive to provide SEMA members the opportunity to request Vehicles In Operation (VIO) counts. SEMA Market Research can now utilize Experian’s AutoCount Vehicles In OperationSM to offer members new insight into the opportunities available for their businesses. Experian’s AutoCount Vehicles In OperationSM gives SEMA Market Research access to comprehensive counts of vehicles on the road in the United States.

SEMA-member VIO counts can help you understand opportunities for:

  • New Product Development
  • Product Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Location Decisions

For more information, visit

This program is available on a trial basis for current SEMA members in manufacturing, distribution and retail/installation. This program allows SEMA members to request specific VIO counts to facilitate a current project, but does not grant direct access or transfer of the AutoCount database. Additional restrictions and limitations apply. Visit for terms and conditions.

Learn more about Experian’s AutoCount Vehicles In OperationSM here: