Updated Deals and Discounts for SEMA Show Hotels

By Jason Catullo

Start planning now for the 2016 SEMA Show to capitalize on early-bird hotel discounts and advance rates.

The Travel & Lodging page on features an updated, real-time listing of the hotel deals and discounts available for the 2016 SEMA Show.

The listing covers a range of properties to help exhibitors and attendees find the hotels and accommodations that meet their specific needs.

The official SEMA Show Housing Services provider is OnPeak. When booking through OnPeak, reservations come with guaranteed low rates and benefits, such as no resort fees, providing exhibitors the reassurance of working with a legitimate company.

Selecting the hotel location and room accommodations that meet your company’s needs at this point provides a strategic jumping-off point to plan your budget. Another advantage to planning now is the opportunity to capitalize on early-bird discounts and advance rates. These existing money-saving programs are the simplest ways for exhibitors to get the most value from their SEMA Show budget.

Benefits of Using OnPeak

  • Guaranteed low rate: The housing bureau actively monitors Vegas hotels to ensure that they are offering the lowest possible rates. If guests do find a lower rate, OnPeak will match or beat the lower price.
  • No hidden fees: Many hotels in Las Vegas advertise lower rates and charge an additional “resort fee.” SEMA and OnPeak have worked with hotels to waive such fees. The price quoted through OnPeak is all-inclusive and will not have other fees added to it.
  • Exclusive room blocks: SEMA and OnPeak lock in prime blocks of rooms at host hotels. As a result, rooms may appear to be sold out to the rest of the world when they are actually being held for SEMA Showgoers who use SEMA Housing Services.
  • Extra level of service: Because reservations made through OnPeak identify guests as SEMA Showgoers, the hotel staff provides a higher level of service and helps direct guests to Show-related programs, such as free shuttles. Guests also receive confirmation numbers in advance of the Show and can get hotel help from OnPeak staff at the Show.

To secure rooms through the official SEMA Housing Services, reservations should be made from the SEMA Show site and include the official housing seal. OnPeak can also be reached directly at 800-221-3531 or 212-532-1660.

For more information, visit the SEMA Show Travel & Lodging page.